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typedef struct {
  UINT32 ControlMask;
  // current Attributes
  UINT32 Timeout;
  UINT64 BaudRate;
  UINT32 ReceiveFifoDepth;
  UINT32 DataBits;
  UINT32 Parity;
  UINT32 StopBits;


Member Description
Control Mask A mask of the Control bits that the device supports. The device must always support the Input Buffer Empty control bit.
Timeout If applicable, the number of microseconds to wait before timing out a Read or Write operation.
BaudRate If applicable, the current baud rate setting of the device; otherwise, baud rate has the value of zero to indicate that device runs at the device’s designed speed.
ReceiveFifoDepth The number of characters the device will buffer on input.
DataBits The number of data bits in each character.
Parity If applicable, this is the EFI_PARITY_TYPE that is computed or checked as each character is transmitted or received. If the device does not support parity the value is the default parity value.
StopBits If applicable, the EFI_STOP_BITS_TYPE number of stop bits per character. If the device does not support stop bits the value is the default stop bit value.


The data values in the SERIAL_IO_MODE are read-only and are updated by the code that produces the EFI_SERIAL_IO_PROTOCOL functions.

Copyright (C) 2008 Phoenix Technologies Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Portions copyright (C) 2008 UEFI Forum, Inc. Used with permission.

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