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This provides the capabilities of the real time clock device as exposed through the EFI interfaces.


typedef struct {
  UINT32  Resolution;
  UINT32  Accuracy;
  BOOLEAN SetsToZero;


Member Description
Resolution Provides the reporting resolution of the real-time clock device in counts per second. For a normal PC-AT CMOS RTC device, this value would be 1 Hz, or 1, to indicate that the device only reports the time to the resolution of 1 second.
Accuracy Provides the timekeeping accuracy of the real-time clock in an error rate of 1E-6 parts per million. For a clock with an accuracy of 50 parts per million, the value in this field would be 50,000,000.
SetsToZero A TRUE indicates that a time set operation clears the device’s time below the Resolution reporting level. A FALSE indicates that the state below the Resolution level of the device is not cleared when the time is set. Normal PC-AT CMOS RTC devices set this value to FALSE.

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