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This represents the current time information


typedef struct {
  UINT16 Year;       // 1998 – 20XX
  UINT8  Month;      // 1 – 12
  UINT8  Day;        // 1 – 31
  UINT8  Hour;       // 0 – 23
  UINT8  Minute;     // 0 – 59
  UINT8  Second;     // 0 – 59
  UINT8  Pad1;
  UINT32 Nanosecond; // 0 – 999,999,999
  INT16  TimeZone;   // -1440 to 1440 or 2047
  UINT8  Daylight;
  UINT8  Pad2;


Member Description
Year, Month, Day The current local date.
Hour, Minute, Second, Nanosecond The current local time. Nanoseconds report the current fraction of a second in the device. The format of the time is hh:mm:ss.nnnnnnnnn. A battery backed real time clock device maintains the date and time.

TimeZone The time's offset in minutes from GMT. If the value is EFI_UNSPECIFIED_TIMEZONE, then the time is interpreted as a local time.

Daylight A bitmask containing the daylight savings time information for the time. The EFI_TIME_ADJUST_DAYLIGHT bit indicates if the time is affected by daylight savings time or not. This value does not indicate that the time has been adjusted for daylight savings time. It indicates only that it should be adjusted when the EFI_TIME enters daylight savings time. If EFI_TIME_IN_DAYLIGHT is set, the time has been adjusted for daylight savings time.

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