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This is the declaration of an EFI image entry point. This can be the entry point to an application written to this specification, an EFI boot service driver, or an EFI runtime driver.


  IN EFI_HANDLE       ImageHandle,


Parameter Description
ImageHandle Handle that identifies the loaded image.
SystemTable System Table for this image.


An image’s entry point is of type EFI_IMAGE_ENTRY_POINT. After firmware loads an image into memory, control is passed to the image’s entry point. The entry point is responsible for initializing the image. The image’s ImageHandle is passed to the image. The ImageHandle provides the image with all the binding and data information it needs. This information is available through protocol interfaces. However, to access the protocol interfaces on ImageHandle requires access to boot services functions. Therefore, LoadImage() passes to the EFI_IMAGE_ENTRY_POINT a SystemTable that is inherited from the current scope of LoadImage().

All image handles support the EFI_LOADED_IMAGE_PROTOCOL (EFI 1.10+) and the EFI_LOADED_IMAGE_DEVICE_PATH_PROTOCOL (UEFI 2.10+). These protocol can be used to obtain information about the loaded image’s state—for example, the device from which the image was loaded and the image’s load options. In addition, the ImageHandle may support other protocols provided by the parent image.

If the image supports dynamic unloading, it must supply an unload function in the EFI_LOADED_IMAGE_PROTOCOL structure before returning control from its entry point.

In general, an image returns control from its initialization entry point by calling Exit() or by returning control from its entry point. If the image returns control from its entry point, the firmware passes control to Exit() using the return code as the ExitStatus parameter to Exit().

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