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typedef struct {
  UINT32                    Version;
  UINT32                    HorizontalResolution;
  UINT32                    VerticalResolution;
  EFI_PIXEL_BITMASK         PixelInformation;
  UINT32                    PixelsPerScanLine;
Member Description
Version The version of this data structure. A value of zero represents the EFI_GRAPHICS_OUTPUT_MODE_INFORMATION structure as defined in this specification. Future version of this specification may extend this data structure in a backwards compatible way and increase the value of Version.
HorizontalResolution The size of video screen in pixels in the X dimension.
VerticalResolution The size of video screen in pixels in the Y dimension.
PixelFormat Enumeration that defines the physical format of the pixel. A value of PixelBltOnly implies that a linear frame buffer is not available for this mode.
PixelInformation This bit-mask is only valid if PixelFormat is set to PixelPixelBitMask. A bit being set defines what bits are used for what purpose such as Red, Green, Blue, or Reserved.
PixelsPerScanLine Defines the number of pixel elements per scan line. Not all pixel elements may be visible. PixelFormat defines the format of the individual pixel.

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