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typedef VOID *EFI_EVENT;


This section lists the different key event types.


#define EVT_TIMER                         0x80000000

The event is a timer event and may be passed to SetTimer(). Note that timers only function during boot services time.


#define EVT_RUNTIME                       0x40000000

The event is allocated from runtime memory. If an event is to be signaled after the call to ExitBootServices(), the event’s data structure and notification function need to be allocated from runtime memory. For more information, see SetVirtualAddressMap().


#define EVT_NOTIFY_WAIT                   0x00000100

If an event of this type is not already in the signaled state, then the event’s NotificationFunction will be queued at the event’s NotifyTpl whenever the event is being waited on via WaitForEvent() or CheckEvent().


#define EVT_NOTIFY_SIGNAL                 0x00000200

The event’s NotifyFunction is queued whenever the event is signaled.


#define EVT_SIGNAL_EXIT_BOOT_SERVICES     0x00000201

This event is to be notified by the system when ExitBootServices() is invoked. This event is of type EVT_NOTIFY_SIGNAL and should not be combined with any other event types. The notification function for this event is not allowed to use the Memory Allocation Services, or call any functions that use the Memory Allocation Services and should only call functions that are known not to use Memory Allocation Services, because these services modify the current memory map.



The event is to be notified by the system when SetVirtualAddressMap() is performed. This event type is a composite of EVT_NOTIFY_SIGNAL, EVT_RUNTIME, and EVT_RUNTIME_CONTEXT and should not be combined with any other event types.

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