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1394 - IEEE 1394 Standard (Firewire)


ABS - Active Boot Screen
ACPI - Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
AC-T - AwardCore-Tiano
ADM - Amber Debug Module
AHCI - Advanced Host Controller Interface
AML - ACPI Machine Language
AMT - Active Management Technology
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
AoE - ATA-Over-Ethernet
AoL - ATA-Over-LAN
AP - Application Processor
APIC - Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
APM - Advanced Power Management
ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASF - Alert Standard Format
ASL - ACPI Source Language
ASM - Assembly Language
ATA - Advanced Technology Attachment
ATAPI - Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface


BAR - Base Address Registers
BBS - BIOS Boot Specification
BCP - BIOS Configuration Parameter
BCV - Boot Connection Vector
BDS - Boot Device Selection
BDA - BIOS Data Area
BEER - Boot Engineering Extension Record
BEV - Boot Entry Vector
BFD - Big Floppy Device
BFV - Boot Firmware Volume
BIOS - Basic Input/Output System
BIS - Boot Integrity Services
BKM - Best Known Method
BNF - Backus–Naur Form
BOM - Bill of Materials
BOI - Boot Over Internet
BOW - Boot Over Wire
BOOT - Simple Boot Flag Table (ACPI table)
BDS - Boot Device Selection
BSD - Berkley Software Distribution
BSP - Boot Strap Processor
BSOD - Blue Screen of Death


CAR - Cache as RAM
CDL - Component Directory List
CDR - Conflict Detection & Resolution
CD-ROM - Compact Disk Read Only Memory
CE - Customer Engineer
CGA - Color Graphics Adapter
CHS - Cylinder Heads Sector
CIRA - Client Initiated Remote Access
cME - Core Managed Environment
CMOS - Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
CNR - Communication and Network Riser
CODB - Cost Of Doing Business
CPEP - Corrected Platform Error Polling
CPU - Central Processing Unit (Microprocessor)
CRB - Customer Reference Board
CSM - Compatibility Support Module
CSS - Core System Software
CSS - Cascading Style Sheet


DDK - Driver Development Kit
DEPEX - Dependency Expression
DFL - Directory File List
DIMM - Dual In-line Memory Module
DMTF - Desktop Management Task Force
DMI - Desktop Management Interface
DoS - Directory of Services
DOS - Denial Of Service
DOS - Disk Operating System
DRM - Digital Rights Management
DRTM - Dynamic Root of Trust Measurement
DSDT - Differentiated System Description Table (ACPI table)
DSR - Device Service Routine
DXE - Driver Execution Environment
DXE IPL - DXE Initial Program Load


EBC - EFI Byte Code
EBDA - Extended BIOS Data Area
EBP - Engineering Best Practices
ECC - Error Correcting Code
ECDT - Embedded Controller Boot Resources Table (ACPI table)
EEPROM - Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EFI - Extensible Firmware Interface
EGA - Enhanced Graphics Adapter
EHCI - Enhanced Host Controller Interface
EIA - Electronic Industry Alliance
EIDE - Enhanced Intelligent Drive Electronics
EK - Endorsement Key
EOL - End Of Life
EOL - End Of Line
EOLN - End Of Line
EOM - End Of Maintenance
ESCD - Extended System Configuration Data
EVSA - EFI Variable Storage Area


FACS - Firmware ACPI Control Structure (ACPI table)
FADT - Fixed ACPI Description Table (ACPI table)
FAE - Field Applications Engineer
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
FAT - File Allocation Table
FDD - Floppy Disk Drive
FFS - Firmware File System
FFV - Firmware File Volume
FFV - Flash File Volume
FIS - Frame Information Structure
FPET - Intel Future Platform Enabling Tour
FS - Functional Specification
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
FV - Firmware Volume
FWH - Firmware Hub


GB - Gigabyte
GDT - Global Descriptor Table
GIF - Graphics Interchange Format
GM - Gold Master
GOP - Graphics Output Protocol
GPIO - General Purpose Input/Output
GPI - General Purpose Input
GPL - General Public License
GPO - General Purpose Output
GPT - GUIDed Partition Table
GPU - Graphics Processing Unit
GUI - Graphical User Interface
GUID - Globally Unique Identifier


HDD - Hard Disk Drive
HOB - Hand Off Block
HII - UEFI Human Interface Infrastructure
HPA - Host Protected Area
HPC - Hot Plug Controller
HPET - High Precision Event Timer
HT - HyperTransport


I2C - Inter-Integrated Circuit
IBV - Independent BIOS Vendor
IC - Integrated Circuit
ICH - I/O Controller Hub
ICWG - Industry Communication Working Group (UEFI)
IDE - Intelligent Drive Electronics
IDEMA - International Disk Drive and Materials Association
IDF - Intel Developer Forum
IFR - Internal Forms Representation
IHV - Independent Hardware Vendor
IMO - In My Opinion
I/O - Input/Output
INCITS - InterNational Committee for Information Technologies Standards
INT - Software Interrupt
IPL - Initial Program Load
IPMI - Intelligent Platform Management Interface
IRQ - Interrupt Request
ISR - Interrupt Service Routine
ISV - Independent Software Vendor
ITP - In-Target Probe
IVT - Interrupt Vector Table


JPG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
JTAG - Joint Test Action Group


KBC - Keyboard Controller


LBA - Logical Block Address
LBT - Legacy BIOS Task
LKM - Loadable Kernel Module
LLS - Long Logical Sectors
LPS - Long Physical Sectors


MADT - Multiple APIC Description Table (ACPI table)
MASM - Microsoft Assembler
MB - MultiBoot
MBR - Master Boot Record
MCD - Motherboard Configurable Device
MCH - Memory Controller Hub
MDL - Master Directory List
MLA - Master License Agreement
MOR - Memory Overwrite Request
MP - Multi-Processing/Multi-Processor
MRC - Memory Reference Code
MRU - Most Recently Used
MSI - Message-Signalled Interrupts


NCD - Node Configuration Data
NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreement
NGSCB - Next Generation Secure Computing Base
NMI - Non-Maskable Interrupt
NV - Non-Volatile
NVMHCI - Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface
NVRAM - Non-Volatile RAM


OAR - Open At Reset
ODM - Original Design Manufacturer
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
OHCI - Open Host Controller Interface
OPMA - Open Platform Management Architecture
OSB - OnScreen Branding
OSV - Operating System Vendor
OS - Operating System


PARTIES - Protected Area Run-Time Interface Extension
PAVP - Protected Audio Video Path
PBA - Pre-Boot Authentication
PC - Personal Computer
PC - Platform Credential
PCA - Phoenix CoreArchitect
PCA2 - Phoenix CoreArchitect 2
PCI - Peripheral Component Interconnect
PDA - Phoenix Debug Adapter
PBM - Phoenix Boot Manager
PDM - Phoenix Desktop Manager
PDM - POST Dispatcher Manager
PDS - Phoenix Desktop Script
PDS - POST Display Services
PE/COFF - Portable Executable/Common Object File Format
PEI - Pre-EFI Initialization
PEIM - Pre-EFI Initialization Modules
PET - Platform Event Trap
PFA - Phoenix Flash Application
PFAE - Phoenix Flash Application Extension
PI - Platform Initialization
PIC - Programmable Interrupt Controller
PIF - Platform Innovation Framework
PIWG - Platform Initialization Working Group (UEFI)
PKMS - Power Key Mapping System
PMM - POST Memory Manager
PNP - Plug and Play
POS - Point of Sale
POS - Project Outline Statement
POST - Power On Self Test
PPA - Phoenix Protected Area
PPI - PEIM to PEIM Interface
PPI - Physical Presence Interface
PPM - Phoenix Package Management (PPM)
PPP - Point-to-Point Protocol
PRNG - Pseudo Random Number Generator
PSA - Phoenix Security Area
PSDT - Persistent System Description Table
PSM - POST Service Manager
PTKK - Phoenix Technologies Japan


QA - Quality Assurance


RAM - Random Access Memory
RAND - Reasonable And Non-Discriminatory
RANDZ - Reasonable And Non-Discriminatory, Zero-Cost
RFC - Request For Comments
ROM - Read-Only Memory
RNG - Random Number Generator
RPB - Remote Pre-Boot
RSDP - Root System Description Pointer
RSDT - Root System Description Table (ACPI table)
RTC - Real Time Clock


SAS - Serial Attached SCSI
SATA - Serial ATA
SBST - Smart Battery Specification Table (ACPI table)
SCI - System Control Interrupt
SCSI - Small Computer Systems Interface
SCT - Self-Certification Test
SC-T - SecureCore-Tiano
SCTS - System Certification Test Suite
SDK - Software Development Kit
SDM - Security Data Manager
SFF - Small Form Factor
SHA - Secure Hash Algorithm
SHPC - Standard Hot Plug Controller
SIMD - Single Instruction, Multiple Data
SIO - Super I/O
SLIT - System Locality Information Table (ACPI table)
SLP - System Locked Pre-installation
SLP2 - System Locked Pre-installation 2
SMBA - Shared Memory Buffered Architecture
SMBIOS - System Management BIOS
SMBUS - System Management Bus
SMI - System Management Interrupt
SMM - System Management Mode
SMRAM - System Management RAM
SMP - Sample Tip
SMP - Symmetric Multi-Processing
SPCR - Serial Port Console Redirection (ACPI table)
SPD - Serial Presence Detect
SPI - Serial Peripheral Interface
SRAM - Static Random Access Memory
SRAT - System Resource Affinity Table (ACPI table)
SRTM - Static Root of Trust Measurement
SSD - Solid State Device
SSDT - Secondary System Description Table (ACPI Table)


T10 - Small Computer Systems Interface Organization
T13 - Industry Organization that defines ATA/ATAPI Specifications
TC - Trusted Core
TCG - Trusted Computing Group
TCPA - Trusted Computing Platform Alliance
TE - Terse Executable
TIANO - Intel Platform Innovation Framework for EFI Implementation
TP - Test Point
TPM - Trusted Platform Module
TSL - Transient System Load


UCR - Universal Console Redirection
UCS - Universal Character Set
UCS-2 - UCS 2-byte encoding form
UCS-4 - UCS 4-byte encoding form
UCST - UEFI Configuration Sub-Team (UEFI)
UEFI - Unified Extensible Firmware Interface
UEI - Update Ended Interrupt
UFD - USB thumb drive
UGA - Universal Graphics Adapter
UHCI - Universal Host Controller Interface
UI - User Interface
UID - Unique Identifer
UMB - Upper Memory Block
UNST - UEFI Networking Sub-Team (UEFI)
UP - Uni-Processor
USB - Universal Serial Bus
USST - UEFI Security Sub-Team (UEFI)
USWG - UEFI Specification Working Group (UEFI)
UTF - Unicode Transofrmation Format
UTF-8 - UTF 8-bit encoding form
UTF-16 - UTF 16-bit encoding form
UTF-16BE - UTF-16 Big-Endian
UTF-16LE - UTF-16 Little-Endian
UTF-32 - UTF 32-bit encoding form
UTF-32BE - UTF-32 Big-Endian
UTF-32LE - UTF-32 Little-Endian
UTWG - UEFI Test Working Group (UEFI)
UUID - Universal Unique Identifer


VCL - Version Component List
VCM - Version Control Manager
VESA - Video Electronics Standards Association
VFR - Visual Forms Representation
VGA - Video Graphics Adapter
VS - Visual Studio
vsprops - Visual Studio PROPerty Sheets
VT - Virtualization Technology
VUMA - VESA Unified Memory Architecture


W3C - World Wide Web Consortium
WAD - Extended Upper Memory Block Manager
WDFM - Withdraw From Market
WFM - Wired For Management
WHEA - Windows Hardware Error Architecture
WHQL - Windows Hardware Quality Labs
WIP - Work In Progress
WMI - Windows Management Interface
WPA - Windows Product Activation


X64 - 64-Bit Extensions For The IA-32 Architecture
x86 - x86 Architecture
XBDA - Extended BIOS Data Area
XIP - Execute In Place
XML - Extensible Markup Language
XSDT - Extended System Description Table (ACPI table)
XUMB - Extended Upper Memory Block Manager



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